Saturday, August 23, 2014

Conn Con 2014

I held Conn Con, my annual "gaming convention" in my basement, last weekend.  It was a wonderful 15 hours of gaming!

I want to give a hearty "Thank you!" to everyone who attended and especially to Kenny, who hosted his awesome Vietnam game.


Our mission was to locate and destroy a radio tower that was hidden somewhere in the valley.  Enemy elements unknown.  Secondary objective was to set-up a forward staging area in the valley (i.e., make our presence felt).  For an excellent bat rep of the game, head over to Kenny's blog Conn Con opening game Vietnam.  I'm merely going to post my own photos and let you soak in the glory of the game...

Kenny, Chuck and Greg

Greg, Jeremy and Pat

The view from the GM's spot

The M113, brewed up

a rice paddy LZ

We used the village as our fire base

By the end of the game, the US succeeded in their mission, but at some loss to its units, especially Bravo Company.

Next up, we played a few different board games.  The first, since we still had five players, was Adventurers: Pyramid of Horus.  This is a grab-and-go, push your luck game that is highly thematic in the vein of Indiana Jones.  In essence, you want to get as much treasure as you can and escape the pyramid before the falling blocks trap you in and seal your fate.

Nyah, nyah!
The game ended with Chuck's character being the only one to escape the pyramid alive!  As you can see in the last picture, two others were so close to escaping...but didn't.  It was priceless!

The next two games we played, Las Vegas and Lightning: War on Terror, I didn't get any pictures of us playing.  Las Vegas was a fun dice game (we played it four times) and Lightning was a card game the others played while I set the main gaming table for the final minis game of the night.

Our final game was a group favorite: Fistful of Lead.  It's everything you want out of an Old West gunfight...easy rules, lots of blood and plenty of moments you'll always remember.

I didn't have much of a plot in mind, so I made the story go something like this...

The English Moore Gang hates the Scottish Morrissey Gang (even though the name's Irish.  Go with it.) and wants them dead.  The leader of the Morrissey gang, Jefe Morrissey (he was evidently Mexican-Irish Scottish), felt the same about Moore and his boys.  Thus, the fight was on.  Long story short, Jefe died against the side of a building.  The only survivors of his gang were his Injun compadres, who quickly left town and were never seen again.

Walkin' down Main Street
Blood Alley
Blood Alley close-up


Jefe's demise
All in all, another great Conn Con!  I hope everyone enjoyed themselves.  I can't wait until next year!!!

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