Sunday, April 23, 2017

It's March...time for some F1 Racing!

The Teams

Jon Mark (Ferrari #1), Terry (Ferrari #2), Bill (Williams), Tim (Sauber) and me (McLaren).  We each had three cars in the race.


We played Ken's wonderful home brew rules, Going the Distance (GtD).  I have some modular track I acquired a while back and started converting and adding to it for use with these rules (that's why some of the track pieces are different shades).  This was a random track set-up, so I jokingly said it was the new race course in Kansas City.  The stars are where cars take a pip of tire damage if they move into that space.  Three laps and Bob's your uncle.

Kansas City Road Course

The Race

Team Ferrari #1 won the pole and the rest of the field assumed their positions.  Out of the gate, Ferrari (both teams) got off to a cracking good start, with McLaren and Sauber tailing closely behind.  

Calamity ensued right off, as Williams miscalculated and rammed the back end of a Sauber car, starting a chain reaction of bad right at the race's opening moments.

Utter chaos 
Meanwhile, Ferrari made a great showing of holding the lead over Sauber and McLaren, but it cost the leader from Ferrari #1 heavily.  His tires were almost nubs by the time he pulled into the pit.

Ferrari dominance
The delay cost him the lead, as Ferrari #2 pushed to the fore, with McLaren and Sauber gaining.

Ferrari #2 limped around the final tight turn of lap 2, but the car was spent.  Terry gave it his all, but his car was a jiggling mess of loose parts, bald tires and wishful thinking.  Team McLaren passed him on the turn, with Sauber closely trailing.

Meanwhile, in the rear of the pack, Team Williams finally was getting straight and chugging along.  While not a deciding factor, Williams proved the race was still important.

The start of lap three featured a total blocking of all available lanes by Ferrari and McLaren.  This allowed Sauber to catch up and stay within passing distance of the leader.

Lap three.  Back stretch.  McLaren held the lead, but Sauber was knocking on the door.  A poor turn by McLaren sent him out wide of the curve and low on power.  Sauber took advantage of the mistake and streaked past for the eventual win!

Race results:
1. Sauber (47)
2. McLaren (42)
3. McLaren (41)
4. Ferrari #1 (40)
5. Ferrari #2 (39)
6. Sauber (38)
7. Ferrari #2 (37)
8. Williams (36)
9. McLaren (35)
10. Ferrari #1 (34)
11. Sauber (33)
12. Ferrari #2 (32)
13. Williams (31)

At the end of the race, points standings were thus:

McLaren  118
Sauber      118
Ferrari #2 108
Ferrari #1   74
Williams    67

It was a great race and everyone had a blast.  Perhaps we'll play more for this 'season', but perhaps not.  With a modular track, the possibilities are wide open!

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