Monday, March 20, 2017

Shoot 'em up!

"Bring your Nerf gun."  That was pretty much the only thing I said in the invite to the game.  Nevertheless, the gang was ready; packing more "heat" than anyone outside of pre-pubescent youngsters should...

The Plot

The sleepy border town of Deadrock was set to wake up.  The Mexicans, who had been in the town since it was named Roca Muerta, had had enough.  The Texians that had swaggered in treated their Mexican counterparts like offal.  They boasted about Texas independence and how much better they were than Mexicans, Mexico and basically anything or anyone that wasn't Texian.  Enough was enough.  
Today, as the sun broke over the horizon, it was time to give Deadrock its true name and drive out the Texian squatters!

The Players

Jon Mark and Bill played the Texians (three apiece).  Terry, Tim and I played the Mexicans (two each).  It was last team standing.  Simple enough!

Did I make the shot?
Terry, wearing the SHL +2 Poncho of Warmth.

"Wild" Bill shootin' up the joint!
Jon Mark, bringing the heat!
Tim with his fancy ammo.

The Game

Using Ken's wonderfully simple rules that combine movement elements from the Song Of... family, easily understood and remembered modifiers and a special "shooting element" using Nerf guns, we began.

The two forces began on opposite long sides of the board.  They soon came into contact with one another and the Nerf "lead" started to fly.  

Let's go thataway...
Texians moving up

Wrapping around the left flank.
An Irish Texian?!
The Mexicans (and an injun) advance
...I see you!


The blood flowed heavily.
Extra powder in that bullet!

Ol' Doc died on the stoop of his practice.

Things were touch and go for quite a while, with neither side gaining an appreciable advantage.  Finally, it came down to Nerf accuracy.  Unfortunately for the Texians, either the powder in their bullets was of an inferior grade or they were just lousy shots.  By the end of the night, a single Texian scampered away...the lone survivor of a short, but bloody, gunfight.

I ran so far away...

As the sun set on Roca Muerta, the tequila freely flowed...

A fun night of hearty entertainment!

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