Friday, May 19, 2017

F1 Brazil

Race two of the current season was located in beautiful São Paulo, Brazil at the Autódromo José Carlos Pace.  Team Force India (Ken) joined the racers.  Ferrari #1 (Jon Mark), Ferrari #2 (Terry), Williams (Bill), Sauber (Tim) and McLaren (me) were all present for the race in the hopes of improving their overall season standings.


The Race

A field of 18 cars lined up for the race.  McLaren won the pole, with the rest of the field filing in behind.  Brazil is a slightly larger track than Kansas City, so the crowd was expecting an exciting race.

Overall, McLaren started with the pole and maintained the lead virtually throughout the entire race.  Sauber, Ferrari and Williams all threatened the lead at various points in the race, but McLaren held firm.  Force India managed to blow the engines of two of their cars (seriously, do they even know how to race?!), making their 2017 initial foray somewhat anemic.

The leaders have taken off...
First lap, first turn
A sea of red...
...followed by the rest of the pack.

Force India's first blown engine...
The hairpin

Tight race for the lead!

McLaren carried the day.
By the end of the race, two Force India, one Williams and two Ferrari #2 cars were DNF.

Race results:
1. McLaren (47)
2. McLaren (42)
3. Ferrari #1 (41)
4. Williams (40)
5. Sauber (39)
6. Sauber (38)
7. McLaren (37)
8. Williams (36)
9. Force India (35)
10. Ferrari #2 (34)
11. Ferrari #1 (33)
12. Sauber (32)
13. Ferrari #1 (31)

Overall season points:
1. McLaren    244
2. Sauber        227
3. Ferrari #1   179
4. Williams    143
5. Ferrari #2   142
6. Force India 35

We had a great time.  Next race:  The Chinese Grand Prix at Shanghai International Circuit!

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