Friday, June 17, 2016

Those cannibals were after our bones, but we marrowly escaped...

The Gang

Jon Mark (Mr. Wang), Kenny (Mr. Stevens), Tommy (Isabelle), Bill (Mr. Harrison), and me (all the cannibals).  I gave each player a crewmen, fully aware of the power of the Gang ability.

The Plot

Flush with knowing they'd stopped the weird cult from flourishing in the Fingers, Captain Beefheart and crew continued to sail to various islands in the Southeast quadrant of the archipelago in search of Bonefist and the all-important treasure map fragment.  They happened upon an island and yet again heard the tell-tale signals of native drums.  Knowing from the islanders that this meant cannibals, the away team was ready...or so they thought.  Captain Beefheart stayed on board The Skidmark, as his phobia-induced malaise was too powerful to be ignored.  He instead decided to sample some fine scotch he'd acquired from the distilleries of Scotland.

The Game

The team was confronted with quite the spectacle: An entire pygmy cannibal village!  Several huts were in a clearing, with men, women and children about.  Slightly apart from the village center was the expected sacrificial altar, cage and post.  Around this area were a majority of the male cannibals, being talked to (riled up?) by a larger pygmy, relatively speaking.  How would they approach the situation?  They needed to check for the map piece, but they also knew the cannibals weren't friendly or accommodating.  

Note - I didn't have any women or children models, so I used pennies for the kids and nickels for the females.  Not the best, but workable.

The party did what it always does:  Charge!  The idea was simply to put the crewmen (aka 'Redshirts') in the front, utilizing their Gang ability and letting the waves of cannibals break upon them.  The main characters would provide support.

In a nutshell, the action unfolded according to plan...for the first 2/3 of the fight.  The cannibals whittled away at the crewmen, eventually killing them all.  The witch doctors were successful mesmerizing crewmen  and characters alike, creating all sorts of ruckus.  The cannibal leader boldly strolled into the fray, only to be cut down like wheat before the scythe.  This gave the party a brief reprieve before heading back into the fight.

In the middle of all this, Mr. Harrison was struck down and was out of action.  The gang wondered if their brain-addled mate would survive the day.

The cannibals gather...

...talked to by their leader.

No worries!

Gun smoke filled the air...

That's the last of the blighters!

The fight ended with the women and children escaping and a solitary adult male running into the jungle.  The crew dragged Mr. Harrison back to the ship, where he was easily revived with a mug of rum.

The Fingers was now free of the cannibal scourge for a while, possibly forever, for Skittles the 'pet' lizard was left on the island.  The crew figured that women and children would help their pet grow big and strong (plus he was getting entirely too big for the ship)!

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