Monday, June 20, 2016

LEGO: Adventure camp

I have the honor of 'teaching' several LEGO camps during the summer.  The first camp was LEGO: Adventure.  I gave the kids several genre options to choose from, such as superheroes, western, gangsters, medieval and modern military, and then create games for them to play within the genre.  I use Minifigs for these scenarios, but often use third party accessories (weapons, armor, etc) to kit them out.  I've found that having a stock of generic Minifigs that I can outfit for whatever I need is essential.  I not only introduce many children to gaming, but they also get a chance for their imaginations to run wild!

Another thing I'll do is use collectible miniatures game maps for the scenarios' settings.  Basically, I have the kids build 3D versions of whatever is on the map.  Desks, chairs, walls...they and many other things are built and overlaid on the map.  I like to think they are 'LEGOfying' the game.  I then throw in my own home brew of rules and some custom dice and....Voila!  Instant action!

Below are some pics I took of games we played.  Essentially, the class chose superheroes and then a western shootout.  I didn't get too many pictures of the superhero slugfests, but I did manage one of Captain Marvel vs Superman (thanks Kenny).  

Superman blindsided Captain Marvel, dealing massive damage!
 The rest are shots of the shootout at LEGOville using the Fistful of Lead rules.  Enjoy!

This town ain't big enough for the two of us... we built a bigger town!

Lining up the shot

High noon

Look at the guy in the sombrero!

The mayor and his wife protecting their property

Knock before you open the outhouse door!

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