Friday, November 13, 2015

Guardians' Chronicles

I've wanted a superhero game that I could throw on the table and play for quite some time.  While I absolutely love SuperSystem (the link is to the 2nd edition of this great title.  There's a third edition, but I've never played it), it doesn't make its way to the gaming table too often. 

I was at a book store, 50% off coupon in hand...uh...on phone.  When I saw a used (opened, but unplayed) copy of Guardians' Chronicles for $17.50, I decided to give it a try.

In short, this game features the superhero team, Liberty Patrol (LP for short), against the nefarious Doktor Skarov and his many minions.  It's basically a mission-based dungeon crawl for 2-5 players, with one person playing as the evil Doktor.

Tonight's crew was Bill (Goldenboy), Jon Mark (Sgt. Liberty) and a face from the past, Chris (Super Nova).  The mission?  Rescue the hostage and get out the far side of the board.  Sounds easy, but in the LP's way were nasty droids and a mean Lieutenant assassin. 

The LP came into the game swinging for the fences.  I managed to put a couple of dents on Goldenboy, but he still stood strong.  The good guys made quick work of the less robust androids, but the two lieutenants put some stink on Goldenboy and Sarge before being dispatched. 

Goldenboy got this 'bot.
Reinforcements are coming!
There's the ninja lieutenant, ready to gig someone.
In true superhero fashion, Goldenboy squares off against the ninja.
Super Nova refused to enter the rooms with guns.  Super Wimp!
 After Super Nova shot the doors off their hinges, Goldenboy rescued the hostage.  He and Sgt. Liberty took a substantial amount of defensive fire from the automated machine guns Skarov used as a trap, but not enough to KO them before they completed the mission.

The end result?  Only Super Nova completed her personal mission, while the team did win overall.  The newspaper looked like this afterwards (great component to the game, in my opinion).  That's a LOT of ads!

The team won, but only Super Nova fulfilled her mission.
As this was the introductory game and we were all new to playing, there were mistakes to be had.  We noted them for the next time we play.  Everyone said they'd give it another go.  We'll see when that happens.  It does take care of the itch I was wanting scratched, so maybe it'll happen sooner rather than later.

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