Friday, November 20, 2015

Guardians' Chronicles: Save Zurkovia!

We had a chance to give Guardian's Chronicles another try.  The Liberty Patrol consisted of Jon Mark (Sgt. Freedom), Bill (Goldenboy) and Terry (Adam Spell).  Chris was expected to play as Super Nova, but he never showed up...

Plot:  Doktor Skarov is wanting nuclear war.  In order to achieve his nefarious scheme, he is launching four missiles at the capitol of his own country, Zurkovia.  The Liberty Patrol must 1) stop the missiles from destroying their target and 2) stop Doktor Skarov in his lair.

Right off the bat, the heroes were attacked by androids and the robotic assassin lieutenants, Ki, Chi and Noi.   Chi could jump out of harm's way, Ki could roll an extra attack and Noi could attack two characters at once.  They each gave the heroes fits, which was pivotal later in the game.

I'm gonna knock you out!
Goldenboy was initially held back by several androids.  He had to punch his way out, but not before being wounded.  The rest of the squad slogged their way to the missile control station, destroying androids the entire way.

The lair is jumping with activity!

Sgt. Freedom went toe-to-toe with Chi and was eventually able to knock her out, achieving a personal mission.

Surrounded and under pressure!

Eventually, Adam Spell was able to get to a control station and began, with poor results, to deactivate the missiles.  He stopped one, but the rest were rumbling in their silos, eventually taking off into the air toward Zurkovia.

Get off me, you crazy robot!

Impeding his progress was Noi, who was inflicting terrible damage to both Adam Spell and Sgt. Freedom.  Would the Liberty Patrol be able to stop the missiles in time?!

Magic and technology don't mix...
Adam, with the aid of Sgt. Freedom, was finally able to stop the last missile at the very last second.  The last bomb splashed harmlessly into Zurkovia's bay.  A collective sigh of relief was heard from the Liberty Patrol.  Success!

Four down!!!
Adam and the rest of the Liberty Patrol then went after Doktor Skarov.  Standing in their way were several androids and one last robot assassin, the pesky Chi.  She took down Adam in a flurry of razor claws and then eyed Sgt. Freedom, who was running on fumes.

Spell down...
Sarge took down the lieutenant, but Goldenboy was the next to fall.  Surrounded and alone, Sgt. Freedom collected his friends' limp bodies and hightailed it out of Skarov's lair.  "Another day, Doktor.  We'll stop you yet!"  he cried as he left.

The headline of the next day's paper told the tale.  While the Liberty Patrol managed to stop the missiles and Sgt. Freedom was able to accomplish his personal goal, the group was ultimately unsuccessful in capturing Doktor Skarov.  

The Liberty Patrol will live to fight another day...and hopefully win! 

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