Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Hordes in the Trenches

I had an opportunity to enjoy an evening at the house of a fellow gamer, Mike Sanderson, on Monday night.  His group usually plays 15mm DBA, so I was pleased and surprised when they instead trundled out their new 15mm WWI figures and said they wanted to play HitT (Hordes in the Trenches). 

A little history is in order here.  DBA (short for de Bellis Antiquatatis) is a set of (mainly) 15mm ancients rules used worldwide.  Easy to understand and play, the rules have a definite rock-paper-scissors meets chess feel to it.  Later, the creator of DBA made HotT (Hordes of the Things).  This was his foray into fantasy.  Very similar to DBA, but with some definite differences, HotT is played by my group in 28mm. 

For a more concise explanation of HitT, I'll refer you to this page on the How I Wargame blog. 

All in all, we got in two games as we muddled through the rules.  Since Mr. Sanderson's group mainly plays DBA and HitT is more closely based on HotT, it made for an interesting evening 'fitting' HitT to our collective prior knowledge of the system.  We clarified a lot of questions in-game, which will make subsequent battles quicker and easier. 

Mr. Sanderson's DBA group usually throws down a couple sessions' worth of games at Recruits convention in September, so I think it'll be a great homage to the 100th anniversary of WWI's start.  Well played, fellas, well played.

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