Sunday, February 2, 2014

Get me off this island!!!

Our trusty crew of unfortunates headed east into the archipelago.  Odd, ever-shifting weather patterns made navigation difficult, but the gang finally managed to make safe harbor next to an island that featured a couple of (hopefully) dormant volcanoes.

No sooner had the rowboats landed than our lads were attacked by...sailors!  Bedraggled and sunburned, with haunted, feverish expressions on their faces, there was never a chance for parlay before they attacked.

The crew dispatched their land-locked foes, but one member of the group suffered a fierce wound and had to be carried back to the ship.  He recovered, but dealt with the wound by drinking rum...lots of rum.  So much rum that the next scenario would see him roaring drunk.

All in all, the gang captured two sailors, scavenged 60 gold from the corpses and prepared for the next island jaunt.  The sailors' tale was one of foul weather, broken ships and being trapped on an island with no chance for rescue.  Their actions were ones of desperation and they begged for the mercy of the crew.  The good Captain saw fit to spare their lives and pressed them into service.


My apologies for the lack of pictures.  This scenario occurred before I decided to blog and I'm notorious for forgetting to snap photos during games.

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