Tuesday, September 20, 2016

ConnCon 2016

It was a wonderful day of gaming in the Conn basement!

Game 1:

My friend, Scott, brought over medieval FUBAR.  He had a full table of six players.  I gladly gave up my seat for a somewhat late arrival, but that was fine by me.  I had jalapeno poppers and other snacks to prep!

Blind set-up

It sounded like everyone had a grand time.  Judging by the awesomeness of the layout on the table, how could someone NOT have fun?!

Thanks again, Scott!

Game 2:

The second game of the day was a homebrew Western game from Kenny.  It combined aspects of Fistful of Lead, Song of Blades and Heroes and Nerf guns!   We got a couple of games in before we broke for lunch.

Kenny, explaining the rules...
...and the targets.

My weapon of choice.

And our mugshots of the dead...

Game 3:

 Ken had also brought a Viking lawn game called Kubb.  Behold the fun pics!

Thanks again, Kenny.  You brought a lot of fun to ConnCon!

Game 4:

The final game of the day was one of our favorites: Aliens.  This is my homemade copy, thus the white board (it should be dark and scary).

The first scenario is the Colonial Marines against the Bugs.  We fared fairly well on this one.

The second scenario was the Operations room and airducts.  We did okay, but lost Gorman and Vasquez.



All in all, it was a great day of gaming.  Thanks again to everyone who attended and brought their fun games to play!  Next August, fellas!

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