Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Broadsides, Boarding Parties and Racing

I recently took a look around my basement and noted how many two-player games I own that never hit the gaming table.  I decided to resolve that issue and e-mailed that "Thursday is a twofer".

Note:  This evening is also blogged on the Penny Whistle (link is on the right).

The games?  Broadsides and Boarding Parties (aka B&BB) (both Ken and I own it and he brought his copy) and, if needed, Okko.  I've wanted to play both, so the possibility of fun NOT being had was small...except we had five people show up!  That Murphy, let me tell you!

It all worked out, though.  I got in a game of B&BB with Bill while Jon Mark and Ken played against each other.  Nick arrived late and walked in after we'd already started playing.

In the first games, I beat Bill in a bloody rout, while Ken beat Jon Mark...barely.
Memorable moment?  My first cannon salvo killed Bill's captain and really set the tone for the rest of the game.

Ken and Nick squared off while the rest of us sat around and covered many, many topics.  I think Nick won.

We decided to try something a little different:  Four player B&BB!  Bill watched as the rest of us paired up and took to the high seas!

Ken was sunk by Nick by a devastating barrage of hull-busting cannonades.  Jon Mark, now alone against two enemies, caught us in a cross-wind by sailing between us and literally destroying our masts with chain shot!  I was reduced to 1/3 movement, while Nick was dead in the water.  I tried to circle back and help Nick, but didn't have the wind to get there before Nick's boat slid beneath the waves.  Jon Mark blew apart my last ability to sail and I struck my colors.  Victory:  Jon Mark and Ken!

It looks like a naval yard!

Cap'n Haworth, at yer service!

Thar's the poop deck!

The crew's ready!

The ships come to battle

The end of Nick's ship

With the evening getting late, I decided to choose a game that accommodated our five players:  Formula-1.  This is a game that Ken particularly enjoys and he was boasting about his prowess as we set it on the table.  Bad move as it turns out, as the game mercilessly mocked him all night.

Start of the race
It was a tight race for first as Nick, Jon Mark and I vied for control.

Lap one

Lap three

Jon Mark's folly
Ken started strong, but literally spun out on every corner.  It didn't matter how slowly he took the corners.  If it was above the recommended speed, he was in the sand.

The arena is empty...

...except for one man.

still driving and striving... fast as he can.

In the end, I took the checkered flag, with Jon Mark sliding into second, Nick third, Bill fourth and Ken a distant fifth.

Winner and a sore loser...LOL
Another great night filled with laughter, beverages and good games.

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