Sunday, August 16, 2015

The story so far...

Captain Beefheart and his crew of motleys are in search of the legendary pirate Jon "The Marked" Haworth's treasure.  Having been "persuaded" by the French governor of Port du Lion to not only take on this perilous quest, but also house a rather sizable contingent of Marines on board his ship, Beefheart's worthies' exploits have been...interesting.  Haworth reportedly buried his loot somewhere in the 100-Fingers archipelago, an island grouping renowned for foul weather, strange inhabitants and a low explorer survival rate.

Having now explored about a third of the islands, the captain and crew of The Skidmark have encountered marooned sailors, dwarfs stating they'd built, operated and subsequently sunk a 'submersible' and a conclave of apes led by an intelligent gorilla.  They also acquired a couple of new 'things' during their voyage.  

First, they now have two pieces of Haworth's treasure map.  While the map doesn't pinpoint where the treasure is hidden, it does give some insight into what the islands have to offer those who set foot on them.

Second, they have a new crew member, Isabelle LaRoux.  Isabelle was formerly of the infamous Captain Bonefist's ship, where she served as one of his most trusted crew members...or so she thought.  After a brief and bloody encounter during an island stop, Isabelle was left for dead (or worse) by Bonefist and his lackeys. Now she's...bitter...toward her former captain and his crew and is itching to foil his chance to find Haworth's treasure.

What will the future hold for The Skidmark's crew?  Will they find Haworth's treasure, or be another victim of the strange archipelago?  Time will tell and the telling will recommence soon...

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