Friday, August 29, 2014

AAR: Axles and Alloys playtest

The Secondhand Lions convened for a test run of my Recruits convention offering, Axles and Alloys 2.5.  On hand were Kenny, John Mark, Terry and Bill.  They each played a squad of gangs, which worked out rather well.  Kenny's take on the action can be found at The Penny Whistle blog.

In this scenario, a fuel truck is hauling that precious commodity to Summit City, escorted by three other members of the Angeles Azures (Blue Angels) gang (ran by Kenny).  As they are driving through the Dead Zone, they are accosted by three gangs: The Anarchists (Bill), Highlanders (John Mark) and Blood Raiders (Terry).  Their job is to score the fuel.  The Angels' job was to get it to Summit City.  Seems simple, right?

Note:  Since this is a test run, my vehicles and dropped weapons aren't quite finished.

The players, minus the Blood Raiders:

The Anarchists
For whatever reason, but thought to be largely pharmaceutical-based, the Anarchists watched the fuel truck rumble by without giving pursuit.  It wasn't until late in the game that they came to their senses and joined the fray.  This...hesitation...played a huge factor in the fuel truck's quick advance.

Angeles Azures
Lead Sled
The first half of the game went smoothly for the Blue Angels.  They could see the approaching gangs, but made it halfway across the table before contact was made.
Trouble's a'comin!

Motherload is pickin' up speed!

Tall Boy's jump holds the A&A record at 10.5"
Our first contact of the evening occurred when John Mark's Polecat skidded halfway across the table and collided head on with Kenny's Flash.  Kenny's driver was killed as he was flipped headlong out of the vehicle, his car destroyed.

Flash is taken out by the Highlander's Polecat.
As Motherload drove down the road, it started getting swarmed by multiple vehicles, desperate to stop it for the fuel.

Talk about ineffective support!
Motherload has several angry bees flying around his head...

This bee stings!
  Eventually, Motherload was effectively slowed to the point that it couldn't get off the board to safety.   Its escort had already zoomed ahead, confident that they had successfully defended the big truck.  Wrong.  A not-so-well placed shot struck the gasoline cylinder, creating a fireball that was felt a mile away.

Today, nobody wins!
With the fuel gone, the remaining gangs disappeared into the Dead Zone, cursing their ill fortune and the other gangs.

This trial run proved to be a blast to GM and from what the guys said, a hoot to play.  There were lots of laughs at the antics that skidding and loss of control caused.  All in all, a great night!  I can't wait to get on the table again!


  1. I am all in for this game. I have played this genre in the past and now with a rebirth want to pursue it again. Mad for Mad Max.

  2. Great to see my baby being played again :)

  3. Thanks for making such a cool rule set, Coopdevil!

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