Sunday, June 15, 2014

AAR: Spring recap

It has certainly been a while since I last blogged, but that doesn't mean I've been idle.

April and May are busy for me, as I am a middle school track coach.  Life takes a front seat, gaming the back.  While I can't really host miniatures games, I can participate.  Therein lies the rub, though.  If I'm not the host and the host blogs, then I don't blog about the game.  To that end,  I'll direct you to the appropriate blogs, as needed.


4/10:  Kenny, Grand Maester of the Penny Whistle blog and the usual 'other half' of the houses my gaming group plays in, posted this AAR of a MechWarrior game:  "Defilade? Defilade?! Who said anything about defilades?"

Unfortunately, I don't have any more game to report in this month, as I was indisposed.


5/8:  My buddy, Dave, volunteered to bring X-Wing to my house and re-introduce us to the game.  We'd played it once before during Conn-Con last August and enjoyed it.  Dave is "all in" on this game and brought many ships to choose from.  Why is this event in this AAR?  Well, Dave has a blog as well.  He doesn't maintain it well, as the dude works like 90 hours a week, but that toe-stepping thing bothers me.  Anyway, we all had a great time.

5/22:  Kenny's house.  GASLIGHT rules, Egyptian-themed gaming.  "The Mountain Pass of Azilal".  Fun night!

That's a quick synopsis of my Spring.  My AARs are for 5/29 (Spartacus) and board game night (6/12) are forthcoming.

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